Developing Connections

For The Future

Momentum is building within the Latino community to come together to focus on success. The community is committed to moving past common challenges, expanding the opportunities to break the cycle of isolation and to empower people and future generations to improve their lives. Latino Center of Iowa will help facilitate this change.

Our Mission & Vision


Latino Center of Iowa is a space where the Latino community can unite, develop leadership, and share its culture and heritage. 


Latino Center of Iowa provides a space that promotes culture and develops leadership and connections for the future of the Latino community and Central Iowa.

Our Core Values


We want to empower our community to live their life to the fullest, providing them with tools to succeed personally and professionally.


We train everyone who is part of our organization, from the Board of Directors to our leadership and staff to accomplish our goals.


We believe that we will be able to accomplish more if we partner with existing resources available to our community and other organizations in our region.


We foster a climate of inclusion, where all are valued, and given an opportunity to succeed. We cherish the diversity of our community, such as differences in gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, national origin,  financial means, education, and political lean.


We train everyone who is part of our organization, from the Board of Directors to our leadership and staff to accomplish our goals.


We understand the challenges and difficulties that our community faces every day and provide hope and tools to overcome them.

Our Board

Luis Leon
Board President 

Luis is connected and committed to our community's success as a native of the Valley Junction area and a local small business owner.

David Peters
Board Member

David joined the Board in 2020. He brings his socio-economic expertise and education to the Board

Sandi Hurtado-Peters
Board Treasurer

Sandi became a board member in May of 2019. She brings to the board her financial expertise and knowledge about government.

Brad Biren
Board Member

Brad joined our board in May 2019. He brings to the board his expertise in fundraising and his talent to make connections.

Bret Sikkink
Board Member

Bret joined the Board in November of 2017. He brings his knowledge in education to help our organization accomplish its community training goals.

Karin Stein
Board Member

Karin is a new member of the board. She hit the ground running and with her expertise in Art is taking the organization to higher levels.

Manny Toribio
Board Member

Manny joined the Board in 2018. He brings his expertise in management of facilities to the Board.

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