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Karin Stein

Board Member



Karin Stein is a Colombian citizen who lived in Costa Rica for many years prior to moving to the united States in 1980.

The granddaughter of German immigrants, she grew up on a very remote cattle and rice farm in the eastern plains of Colombia and was homeschooled on a farm without electricity.


Karin came to the United States from Latin America in 1980, obtained her undergraduate degree in French and Biology at Grinnell College, and graduate degrees in Language Translation and Interpretation at Monterey Institute of International Studies in California, and Horticulture at Iowa State University, and stayed in Iowa.


She tours throughout the United States with the Latin ensembles she directs ( and is a regular lecturer at schools and universities on subjects of music and diversity.

Together with her brother and sister, both of whom live in Costa Rica, she has been actively engaged in rainforest conservation for the last 30 years.

Aside from her activities as a musician in Iowa and the rest of the United States, she leads personalized tours to countries in which she has family and friends: Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.


Outstanding Student Leadership Award, Iowa State University, 1987

Research Fellowship from the World Food Institute, Iowa State University, 1986 and 1987

Gamma Sigma Delta (Agricultural Honor Society), Iowa State University, 1985

Graduation with honors in French and biology, Grinnell College, 1984

Valedictorian, Humboldt School, San José, Costa Rica, 1979

Testimonial For Karin Stein

"Karin Stein is a dynamo creative whose talents range from marketing, promotions, and event management to musical artistry. She inspires and leads the best musicians on an international scale at the same time she delights students in your hometown school and festival."

Sherry Gupta / Nov 14, 2017, Executive Director, CULTUREALL™ of Des Moines

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