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Bret Sikkink

Board Member



Bret Sikkink is an instructional technologist with Drake University and teaches economics at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth. A Des Moines native, Bret recently returned from six years of teaching economics and philosophy in Mexico City. Prior to moving to Mexico, he lived in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Leslie Barnhizer where they taught in an elementary school and walked their miniature dachshund Chrysanthemum.


Bret has a B.S. in Economics from Creighton University’s College of Business Administration and earned his Master’s degree in Special Education from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.


Bret is excited to join more community organizations in Des Moines. His favorite volunteer opportunity so far has been the Graduation Walk, supporting school attendance throughout the Des Moines Public School system.


Bret’s favorite accomplishment as a teacher is being chosen twice by the student body to give the commencement speech at graduation for his students in Mexico City.

Testimonial For Bret Sikkink

Bret is highly regarded by all members of his department. His leadership within the department and school has earned him the respect and admiration of his collegues and the administration. Bret is a team player who collaborates well, partipates in school events, and is dedicated to the community. He is not simply a teacher, but a genuine educator and role model who affects the daily lives of students and colleagues in a positive and lasting way.

Lara Schupack / Academic Dean (ASF in Mexico City)

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