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Latinos In Iowa

By The Numbers

“Latino Iowans represent a youthful, highly entrepreneurial, collective-minded segment of the Iowa population—an invaluable part of the school system, workforce, and community. Latino/a/x Iowans are also a fast-growing population and our contributions to the state make us essential to Iowa’s future. This dashboard provides a data snapshot of the Latino community in Iowa. Users can learn about Nuestro Iowa: demographic trends, economic contributions, housing, education, and health. These baseline data show community strengths and opportunities.”



For more information by numbers about Latinos in Iowa visit

Nuestro Iowa

Des Moines Metro

Latino Community Highlights

  • 1,544 Latino businesses generating $159.6M in annual revenue.

  • 58K Latino residents in the metro, which will more than double by 2050 and drive overall metro pop. growth.

  • 30K Latino workers collectively earning $1.3B in annual income, contributing significantly to the overall central IA economy.

Disparities (Compared with White Iowans)

  • Average household income is 30% lower

  • Poverty rates are 8 percentage points higher

  • Homeownership rates are 19 percentage points lower

  • 20 percentage point gap in health insurance coverage for those aged 19-64

  • 24 percentage point gap in Bachelor's degree or higher completion

  • 26 percentage point gap in high school completion

Contributing causes of disparities

  • Eliminating education disparities will largely close the income and poverty gap.

  • Eliminating income and education disparities will mostly close the homeownership gap.

  • Latino households face additional barriers to homeownership.

Iowa LAtinx project.webp

Visit the Iowa Latinx Project for more information and statistics on the Iowa Latino Community

Latino Organizations

We Support


Individuals committed to the advancement of Latinos to achieve social justice for the community and furthers its full potential.



Develop an event that will flourish and grow throughout the years to become a family tradition.


Individuals committed to the advancement of Latinos to achieve social justice for the community and furthers its full potential.


Provides programming and mentoring for middle and high school Latino students, family programming and events.

New Americans In Iowa

"The Political & Economic Power Of Immigrants, Latinos & Asians In The Hawkeye State"

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